Axles Repair & Maintenance

Axles Repair & Maintenance in Frederick Maryland

40 West Auto Care & Towing offers axles repair & maintenance in Frederick, MD. There are different kinds of axles, each with their own potential problems. There are also many components of an axel that could wear or break of time. Your service technician at 40 West Auto Care & Towing in Frederick knows axel repair and checks for things like leaking seals, torn CV boots and worn axle joints. Your axles are the last link in transferring power from the engine to your wheels. They’re strong parts that last a long time – but they can run into trouble. When there is a concern with the axle shaft, it will be removed and inspected. If it’s damaged, the shaft will have to be replaced. If the shaft is in good shape, it’ll be cleaned, lubed and reinstalled. Damaged CV boots are replaced as well. Taking care of your axles when they need it saves money in the long run, and helps keep you safely on the road.