Suspension Repair & Maintenance

Suspension Repair & Maintenance in Frederick Maryland

40 West Auto Care & Towing provides suspension repair and maintenance service for all makes and models of cars and trucks in Frederick, MD. Suspension systems connect the wheels to your vehicle, controls your handling, and ensures a smooth ride. It is critical for proper steering, stopping and stability. As you can imagine, your suspension has a lot of components that allow your wheels to move up and down over bumps and to turn as you steer. These parts include ball joints, tie rod ends, the pitman, idler arms and the control arm bushing. Over time, these parts will wear and need replacement.

When the trusted mechanics at 40 West Auto Care & Towing, inspect your vehicle, we will look for signs of suspension problems such as uneven tire wear, excessive play in suspension components and other visible damage. We can quickly replace the worn or damaged parts and get your vehicle back on the road safely before it leads to a more expensive repair or premature tire replacement. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to have your car or truck’s suspension system serviced.