Water Pump Repair & Maintenance

Water Pump Repair & Maintenance in Frederick Maryland

40 West Auto Care & Towing offers reliable and affordable water pump repair and maintenance in our Frederick, MD auto repair shop. Your vehicle’s water pump is an important component of its cooling system. Since cooling system problems are the number 1 mechanical failure in cars and trucks, it is integral that your water pump is properly maintained, and replaced when necessary. Some vehicles have the water pump driven by the timing belt, which will often need to be replaced at the same time.

The opposite is true too – when you change the timing belt on this type of engine, replace the water pump while you’re at it. The water pump will eventually fail and getting to it is an expensive project. For not that much more you can take care of both the timing belt and the water pump at the same time. 40 West Auto Care & Towing is always looking out for the best interest of your vehicle and your wallet. Give us a call today to schedule your water pump repair or maintenance service.